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friendship 729 SP (3)

 friendship 729 SP
by jonathan 15 years ago
 Re: friendship 729 SP
by alphapong 15 years ago
Re: friendship 729 SP
by cole 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: friendship 729 SP) was posted by cole, on 5/15/2005 10:42:41 PM:
I think it's stickier than moderately. I personally prefer it to cream, except that I think it's a little heavier.

However, WN has been put on some crappy sponges. The mrs is hard version for some reason. The "shanghai" was really really bad. The wangjap, however, is better than the cream jap. Livelier sponge. Again, a little heavier though.

Sometimes they use the SP mold for special makes as well. I've gotten a bunch of National team stuff under the sp brand that was totally differnt than WN.
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