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Again Frictionless Ban (2)

 Again Frictionless Ban
by Fadil Olguner 11 years ago
Re: Again Frictionless Ban
by Dr.No 11 years ago
 Re: Again Frictionless Ban
by Fadil Olguner 11 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Again Frictionless Ban) was posted by Dr.No, on 5/11/2009 11:32:42 AM:
I have been playing table tennis for the past 40 years,
and you can call me a "chopper", because my play style is defensive. Frankly, I have numerous experiences that ITTF has been working against me.

The recent ban on the frictionless pip is one example that ITTF works against me. My favourite rubber FAKIR by Joola has been banned, but I keep playing with the rubber for my enjoyment and obviously I cannot compete in ITTF-sanctioned tournaments.

Before I use FAKIR, I had been using Feint Long I (one) made by Butterfly since 1975. As you might know, Feint Long I was banned by ITTF, and so ITTF worked against me.

ITTF ruled to replace Game 21 with Game 11. The rule is bad for choppers (note: just watch Andrzej Grubba v. Liang Ge Liang [chopper]) who usually came back to lead around 15 points in the old Game 21.

Several years ago, choppers were allowed to have both rubber with the same colours. It is why I have habit to flip my pingpong racket to disguise which rubber actually hit the ball. My habit becomes useless now because one day ITTF banned the same colour rubbers, and ruled that both rubbers ought to have different colours. Once again ITTF worked against me.

To all pingpong players, I have a question: "If you feel that ITTF works against you, why do you still respect rules made by ITTF?" Remembering that in professional boxing there are at least three (3) world organizations: WBA, WBC and IBF, I have another question to you: "Can we set up another international table tennis federation, such as International Table Tennis Federation For Choppers (ITTFFC) that will have different rules from ITTF?"
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