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Correspondence Between Odd Gustavsen and TT Master (1)

Correspondence Between Odd Gustavsen and TT Master
by Ben 11 years ago

The following message (subject: Correspondence Between Odd Gustavsen and TT Master) was posted by Ben, on 10/8/2008 7:07:16 PM:
The following is a break down of the goings on that lead to the ban:

Gustavson To TT Master

Dear Sir,

From a player we have received the following regarding your Insider:"I must say it throws no good light on the ITTF that they actually gave license to a rubber that every amateur could identify as frictionless-or at least with amazingly less friction than all (!) other new pimpled rubber". Your comments will be appreciated.

TT Master To Gustavsen

Dear Sir, We are sorry but we cannot take position on this arbitrary information.

Gustavsen To TT Master

Since you apparently did not want to discuss this situation in a normal manner, we took
an initiative and some samples were sent to our laboratory which reported back to us.
From their report we read:

There is a great difference of friction between the top of the pimples and on the side of
the pimples. A certain difference may be expected due to a rough surface on the pimple
tops, like for Insider. However, when other rubbers have a higher friction on the pimple
sides, your rubbers have a lower friction here. We also have noted that the text area has a
much higher friction than the top of the pimples when tested with a ball, i.e. it is not

When it comes your Swing Back IF, which has smooth pimple tops, the differences are
even greater. Both these cases are hard to explain, and it may suggest some special
treatments unlike other racket coverings which we have authorised.

In any case we believe this is against the resolution from our Board of Directors’ meeting
in Bremen on 28.4.2006 which said:

“A requirement that for the racket coverings the rubber surface should be uniform and
without coating shall be included in the Technical Leaflet.”
In our Technical Leaflet T4 it says:
"1.4.4. Friction for pimples - out
The minimum friction level is 25 μN. The rubber surface of the racket coverings should
be uniform and without coating. “

“7. Withdrawal of authorisation of racket coverings

It should be noted:

1. that the Equipment Committee has been instructed to deny authorisation to any
racket covering that it deems detrimental to the sport”

On this background we are removing you coverings Insider and Swing Back IF from our
List no. 29B.

We are also withdrawing the information given you in our e-mail 27. August 2008
regarding the new rubbers which you want to have introduced. We will eventually need
time to have these controlled the same way.

We may also consider those of your coverings still remaining on the List.

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