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help with new blade and rubber (1)

help with new blade and rubber
by Acie 13 years ago

The following message (subject: help with new blade and rubber) was posted by Acie, on 3/22/2007 1:51:35 PM:

I'm a new tt player with about 2 yrs in total time.

My style of play is:
1) I have a relatively strong FH. I can smash anything on the forehand (well, I start thinking that before I see the results. :) ) I'm developing my BH. I can lightly smash with it, and do some topspin looping. My BH needs work.

My style of play is to hit fh smashes when possible, i'd also like to be able to use lots of topspin. I'd also like to be able to chop, as alot of the players I play against use chopping against me. (Maybe intimidated by my fh aggressiveness.)

Anyway, what blade and rubbers and sponge thickness would you recommend ?

Is it worthwhile to use my existing (cheap) bat(its light and has a v nice feel) and add on some new rubbers ?

I'm kind of afraid to invest in expensive rubbers and waste their effect on my cheap bat ? Or is it better to get cheap chinese rubbers for my existing cheap bat?

Sorry for long post. Any advice would be appreciated.

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