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need blade/rubber advice (1)

need blade/rubber advice
by photoz 15 years ago
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by khvn 15 years ago
 Re: need blade/rubber advice
by cole 15 years ago
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by Alex 15 years ago
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by photoz 15 years ago

The following message (subject: need blade/rubber advice) was posted by photoz, on 3/21/2005 1:02:25 PM:
Yes, another suggestion post...

I'm an 1100 player currently using a prebuilt combo from China (DHS 6002). The rubber on this blade is detaching and taking some of the wood with it, so I won't be using this again. I do like the size of this blade though, as my last blade was a Butterfly VSG21-1000 which has a smaller grip.

I'm open to all suggestions but would like to buy something that I can build a strong skill base with.

My play style is just now migrating to loop attacking, although I don't have the technique perfected yet. I have a very decent FH/BH chop that stays low and I can place very well.

I would estimate that I am looking for something ALL+ ->OFF-. I would like to concentrate on a fast and effective loop game.

Thanks for your help, Stuart.
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