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Long pips - WIth or without sponge (7)

 Long pips - WIth or without sponge
by Ricardo 15 years ago
 Re: Long pips - WIth or without sponge
by Ben Fuller 15 years ago
Re: Long pips - WIth or without sponge
by Rod 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Long pips - WIth or without sponge) was posted by Rod, on 10/21/2005 3:42:00 AM:

Players like me need all the help they can get with spin reversal. I dont have the power or the technique of those players. So I get OX. But at the same time I don't have control when it comes to hitting with the pips. Those players can get huge amounts of spin reversal with sponge and they have the control they need for the huge variation of play they have with their pips. They probably get more power from sponge pips too. Also, when using more sponge behind your pips your opponent will not be able to hear as easily which side of the blade you are using if you've twiddled, so may add to their confusion (probably not a big factor against pros tho)

To be honest, I probably shouln't be playing with OX pips, I dont have the skill level to be playing with them, but for sure, they have much more wobble effect and spin reversal that the sponge versions I've used.
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