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looping with pips?!? (6)

 looping with pips?!?
by John Kim 13 years ago
 Re: looping with pips?!?
by john 13 years ago
 Re: looping with pips?!?
by Robin 13 years ago
 Re: looping with pips?!?
by Eric 13 years ago
 Re: looping with pips?!?
by Frankie 13 years ago
Re: looping with pips?!?
by megapaddy 13 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: looping with pips?!?) was posted by megapaddy, on 12/5/2006 1:01:17 PM:
Of course you can loop with short pips. I use short pips both sides: Against loopers i block and smash. against choppers i loop as a variation from hitting and killing.
Pistol is far from ideal rubber to spin with. its v fast but is a funny rubber.
Good normal short pimples
Flarestorm high tension
Friendship 802-40
DHS 651 & 652
Tsp Tyranno high tension
Key to getting most out of short pips is hit flat, allow the sponge to generate the power. If you brush the ball youll get spin without power.
If you are natural hitter not a big topspinner optimise your game with short pips. You can still spin serve
and your kill will be better.
At the moment I use Flarestorm and Tyranno. Flarestorm max is a powerhouse when you hit flat.
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