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cleaning (6)

by Fan 19 years ago
 Re: cleaning
by Fan2 19 years ago
 Re: cleaning
by Chris 19 years ago
 Re: cleaning
by Tikung 19 years ago
 Re: cleaning
by TOM FERN 19 years ago
Re: cleaning and preserving your rubbers
by mhakus 18 years ago
 Re: cleaning
by Ryan Werner 18 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: cleaning and preserving your rubbers) was posted by mhakus, on 12/16/2003 2:31:42 AM:
an old jamaican trick that i seldom see people do these days is to put a plastic bag over a freshly cleaned racquet. What gives the the rubber sheets its tackiness is the presence of moisture in the rubber sheets; keeping a plastic bag over the raquet, and ensuring that it is tightly wrapped around the raquet ensures that little moisture will escape. I have not played table tennis for quite some time ( 5 years) but my yasaka mark v and panda spinfactor rubber still retain much of its life because I take the raquet out of its bag and clean it -- with warm water -- twice a year. it seems to me that the use of a solvent might rob the rubbers of what oils exist within. When a rubber goes 'dead' it tends to have a hard frictionless shiny look to it, and the rubber seems dried out.... Preserve your rubber between use by putting a plastig bag over it and ensuring no air gets in.. It really works!!! The ecet to longevity is keeping the rubbers moist. Cleaning it with solvents that have detergents may dry them out.
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