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No Speed Glue (5)

 No Speed Glue
by mikem 16 years ago
 change of racket
by toronto player 16 years ago
 Re: No Speed Glue
by gcollins 16 years ago
 Re: No Speed Glue
by cole 16 years ago
Re: No Speed Glue
by Tim 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: No Speed Glue) was posted by Tim, on 8/13/2004 12:47:17 PM:
Yeah i just bought sheet of Bryce FX, and put it on last night. This is faster and spinnier than glued innova, which i have on the same blade. Its absolutely crazy, this is the first ruber i have ever had that i havent been able to control unglued, and ive had 4 sheets of bryce before this (some of which were good without glue, and some were poor, its seems a very inconsistent rubber)
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