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tennis elbow (5)

 tennis elbow
by rolly valdes 17 years ago
 Re: tennis elbow
by Cole Ely 17 years ago
 Re: tennis elbow
by Lee Edwards 17 years ago
Re: tennis elbow
by chris 16 years ago
 Re: tennis elbow
by Deborah maudie 13 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: tennis elbow) was posted by chris, on 7/5/2004 10:33:42 PM:
I play table tennis and tennis and tennis elbow seemed easily solved for me. If it bothers u before and after play you shood ice before and after play. Also I play baseball and the pitchers on my team use bengay and tiger palm that they rub on their arm and elbow. It burns at first but it numbs the pain.You should try both methods together. I hope my suggestions help you.
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