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802-OX or 802 0.6mm for j-pen RPB? (5)

 Re: 802-OX or 802 0.6mm for j-pen RPB?
by alphapong 15 years ago
Re: 802-OX or 802 0.6mm for j-pen RPB?
by B2Spinbomber 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: 802-OX or 802 0.6mm for j-pen RPB?) was posted by B2Spinbomber, on 8/6/2005 9:41:20 AM:
Hey fellow japanese penhold players.. I am learning RPB, and I am also concern about the weight, so I decided to create my own lighter topsheet/sponge combo for my backhand on both Chiang Peng-Lung and Aeolus-S... I am trying the RITC 729-2 topsheet with the 729 Orange sponge in 0.6 mmm and I think is a good combination, it is light and with good control, well, this topsheet is very sticky.. and it is slower than non-sticky topsheets like juic scramble (which I also tried in 1.0 mm in my backhand)... I tried both Juic Scramble 1.0 mm and 729-2/Orange sponge for RPB in my Aeolus, and I like 729-2 with the orange sponge better, the speed seems to be the same, it is lighter, and with the same control.. I will try the 729 tackspeed 2000 with Magic Red sponge in 1.0 mm for RPB in my Chiang Peng-Lung later this week, in theory, it will be faster and hopefully with good control.. I also have the HRS sponge in 0.6 mm... this sponge is really light.. I tried it in my forehand with 729-2 topsheet.. it is a very nice combo... light with a lot of control... maybe not as fast as magic red or 729 Orange sponge.. but good control and it is light.. I hope this helps... :-)
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