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Playing style with mixed rubber (5)

 Playing style with mixed rubber
by WKN 15 years ago
 Re: Playing style with mixed rubber
by thomas 15 years ago
Re: Playing style with mixed rubber
by WKN 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Playing style with mixed rubber) was posted by WKN, on 5/2/2005 7:36:46 PM:
Thanks for the input guys. I'm actually just an intermediate player, before this I was using a ready-made economical Nittaku J.O.Shake bat and was getting killed by spins. So I thought I'd invest in a better bat, but I made the mistake of getting the bat of a whim, and ended up with an expensive bat which I'm currently yet to master (just into my second week using it). Still not able to get used to the extra speed from the Tackifire (my loops and drives kept flying off the table), although the backhand (with Speedy PO) utterly rocks at defence (smash block, drives etc). Having said that, my forehand chops are sharper than before!

Thus, I'm doing my utmost practising to get used to the new speed and spin afforded by this new bat. Initially I was gonna use short pips out on the fh and inverted on the back, but the shopkeeper said that reversing that setup was the norm.

A bit more questions: would short pips be any good in chopping? Can someone check and correct my summary of the rubber i'm having below:
Short pips (Speedy PO):
1. Good at blocks, drives
2. Medium at chops
3. Not good at smash, loop, spin

Inverted (Tackifire-D):
1. Good at smash, loop, spin, chop
2. OK at block,drive

thanks again
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