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729 Higher (4)

 729 Higher
by Michael 14 years ago
 Re: 729 Higher
by alphapong 14 years ago
 Re: 729 Higher
by cole 14 years ago
Re: 729 Higher
by Nigel 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: 729 Higher) was posted by Nigel, on 9/1/2005 5:00:31 AM:
I have used the new higher and the new faster rubbers. I found higher to be quite slow even after being glued a number of times. Faster seemed a much better rubber, I responds well to glue (after 3-4 layers) and lasts really well. The new sponge is good too, certain glues are really easy to peel off without damaging the sponge. I use a glue called spin speed, I don't know if it is available in the US but although it is a little slower it can be peeled off easily after only 4-5 layers have been applied.
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