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Long Pimples = play like the doctor! (3)

Re: Long Pimples = play like the doctor!
by Barry 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Long Pimples = play like the doctor!) was posted by Barry, on 2/9/2005 3:37:07 PM:
Thanks Rod,

I wasn't planning on chopping back from the table more the standing up to the table.

you're right it looks cool and if your not going to the world championships you might as well have fun with tt.

Did you use short pips on your FH (the doc uses tornando ultra in combo with long pips ) or did you use smooth? I like to loop and do spinny serves so I was thinking smooth but I have a project bat set up with ultra on it.

By the way how long did it take to start feeling comfortable? How many hours at the tabel etc?
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