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English National Championships - Rant alert ! (3)

Re: English National Championships - Rant alert !
by roger bertrand 17 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: English National Championships - Rant alert !) was posted by roger bertrand , on 3/8/2003 2:13:27 PM:

Please find enclosed a copy of a email I have received from our developemnt officer. I hope this will put your mind at rest.

A new website for the ETTA will be launched in April/May this year, which
will include many more features and items. All areas of the Website are
under review and coverage of such events as the National Championships will
certainly be possible in the future.

There are plans to televise a European Masters at the Crucible in Sheffield
(similar to the Commonwealth Masters at Wembley) to be shown on BBC later
this year. In addition the ETTA is also looking to bring the European
Championships to Birmingham again. All of which will contribute to increased
media coverage.

It cannot be underestimated how difficult it is to get coverage on
terrestrial TV. It costs a great deal of money, and more importantly
requires strong home talent, which will be achieved when some of our world
class players at cadet level enter the junior and senior levels.

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