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Glassfiber (3)

by Pak 16 years ago
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by cole 16 years ago
Re: Glassfiber
by Britt 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Glassfiber) was posted by Britt, on 10/12/2004 12:46:25 PM:
I'm not sure how muuch it will help, but you may find the specific material properties interesting. Note that these numbers are for individual fibers and are not representative of the properties of cured laminates.
I suspect that, for table tennis blade use, cured (hard) laminates are bonded between wood layers. Another possibility is using a room temperature curing adhesive to impregnate the fabric (or tape?) and to bond the wood layers together as well...

I will give them as strength/stiffness/density

Strength is in KSi (thousand pounds per square inch) and are tensile strength values.

Stiffness is in MSi (millino pounds per square inch)-- higher is stiffer in bending.

Density is in pounds per cubic inch.

E-glass (common) 500/10.5/0.094
S-glass 665/12.6/0.09

low modulus 450/32/0.063
high(er) modulus 700/38/0.063

Kevlar 400/18/0.052

Graphite 300/100/0.071

Boron 500/57/0.090

Wood (generic) 8.4/1.8/0.025
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