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hiroshi shibutani (3)

 hiroshi shibutani
by eric 10 years ago
 Re: hiroshi shibutani
by John neri 10 years ago
Re: hiroshi shibutani
by eric 10 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: hiroshi shibutani ) was posted by eric, on 7/22/2009 7:43:01 PM:
thanks for answer john, no not sure what stuff shibutani used,but he is about in the age of matsushita I think but stopped hes career much erlier nearly ten years ago I belive, so I think he would have play with the "standard" feint on his backhand or the feint II maybe if it was available at that time, on his fh I cant even guess but he's much more agressive than koji so perhaps a faster rubber than tackiness D ? that matsushita uses but really no idea .
however a lovely chopper to watch in many ways weixings foreman, petty he quitted so soon ,,,,
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