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butterfly vsg-1000 (3)

 butterfly vsg-1000
by vuong 15 years ago
 Re: butterfly vsg-1000
by Rob 15 years ago
Re: butterfly vsg-1000
by Brandon 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: butterfly vsg-1000) was posted by Brandon, on 8/7/2004 10:44:08 PM:
My friend just purchased the vsg-1000 and I got a chance to play with it the other day. It depends what kind of distances you prefer to play at. When equiped with Ekrips Soft 2.1 on backhand and Bryce Fx 2.1 on forehand it gives you an amazing FAR distance game. Although not easy to spin succesfully from far distances, I felt I was able to control my hard shots fairly well. A- blade. BUTTERFLY IS FAR SUPERIOR COMPARED TO STIGA.
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