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Better Looping (3)

 Better Looping
by ryx 14 years ago
 Re: Better Looping
by Dave 14 years ago
Re: Better Looping
by spin player 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Better Looping) was posted by spin player, on 7/28/2005 4:56:43 AM:
ryx, when you loop more directly and ball goes into the net, what is arc of the ball like? does it lift above the net and then falls before reaching it, or is it low arc without reaching neccessary height?

i ask because i have sometimes difficulty with underspin myself. to avoid hitting the net i must be careful to open bat angle enough.

i noticed that some equipment (rubbers and even blades) tend to give low trajectories of the ball (low throw angle). some players like it, some don't. i prefer equipment with somewhat higher throw because it can solve much problems. higher throw+strong spin=balls are landing on the table ;)

it is true that when looping underspin you must approach with more forward motion (in order not the over-spin the ball therefore making it too short), but you do it in different way than when approaching topspin-you must open the bat angle more and snap the wrist a little when contacting the ball.

my philosophy when looping is get it on the table, adjust the speed accordingly.
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