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chinese grip (3)

 chinese grip
by kalleb 14 years ago
 Re: chinese grip
by Dave 14 years ago
Re: chinese grip
by kevin 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: chinese grip) was posted by kevin, on 3/20/2005 6:48:35 AM:
china is not dominating tabletennis because of the penhold grip. Wang Liqin, the best player now uses Shakehand but he is from China.
China is dominant because tabletennis is culture there and they dedicate their lives to it. They start training when they are very young and are pushed very hard.
Though I do personally use penhold and find it more effective than shakehand; that is just me

shakehand has its advantages too. Shakehand allows for a variety of gameplay, you can be any type of player from super defensive to an all out attacker. You have potential for equal backhand and forehand strength, reach and control.

Penhold is an all offensive forehand dominated grip. It allows for superior spin manipulation without twiddling and blocks easily. You do not have weakness at the elbow but your backhand has a very limited reach. Somewhat compensated for now due to the RPB loop. Actually 95% compensated for I'd say and it is in general a more powerful grip. You can hit harder and faster
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