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arylate/carbon blade combo (2)

 arylate/carbon blade combo
by vince 15 years ago
Re: arylate/carbon blade combo
by Greg Nice 15 years ago
 Re: arylate/carbon blade combo
by Keso Going 15 years ago
 Re: arylate/carbon blade combo
by bon 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: arylate/carbon blade combo) was posted by Greg Nice, on 2/8/2005 10:46:19 PM:
I played with a Michael Maze and love it. It has a ton of control the only drawback is that it is somewhat slow so you have to pair it with speedy rubber and you'll end up giving up some of that control( my personal preference is a super fast carbon blade with rubber that has alot of control)I like to slow down fast blades not speed up slow blades. I hope this is helpful. Also my coach plays with an iolite (Cheng Yinghua) and he loves it. It has a small grip though
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