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Table Tennis Robot (2)

 Table Tennis Robot
by Hyphen 16 years ago
Re: Table Tennis Robot
by Yves 16 years ago
 Re: Table Tennis Robot
by Bruce 16 years ago
 Re: Table Tennis Robot
by Hyphen 16 years ago
 Re: Table Tennis Robot
by Don Onnen 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Table Tennis Robot) was posted by Yves, on 12/10/2004 1:45:56 AM:
A few years ago I made a robot survey. I compared some robots and had the opportunity to try some models. Among all robots available, these are the two best.
Each with different qualities. Please note that this survey
is based on personal appreciation.

Newgy Robo-Pong 2040

The Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 is the best robot
you can buy for it's money. It is definitely
the cheapest in it's category and outclasses
other robots (e.g. TT-Matic). It is small and
can be set up within 5 minutes. Continuous play
is garanteed thanks to the ball collecting system
and the remote control on the player's side is
However, it cannot produce balls without spin since
spin is directly related to speed. Consequently,
high speed balls may have unrealistic amounts of
spin (side-spin becomes a banana-shot).

Conclusion: If you're looking for a robot,
but you do not want to spend more than strictly
necessary, this is the one you are looking for!
This robot deserves the award of "Best Buy".

Pro: price
remote conrol next to player
continuous ball collecting

Contra: spin relative to speed

Butterfly Amicus 3000

The Butterfly Amicus 3000 produces spin and speed
using two seperate rubber wheels. This is what
makes this robot outstanding. Spin and speed can be
adjusted seperately. No spin balls can be delivered.
Another great thing about this robot: it is
programmable, really programmble. You can create
series of up to six balls, with different ball placing,
different spin, different speed (e.g.: 1st ball - right
hand corner, no spin, normal speed; 2nd ball - center,
back spin, slow speed; 3rd ball - left corner, top spin,
high speed; ...).
Only metal parts are used and the construction is quit big.
Consequently, it is not ideal to carry it to the club daily.

Conclusion: This is definitely the best robot money can buy!
The robot deserves the award of "Best Quality".

Pro: programmable spin / speed
programmable ball placing
programmable series
different setup for speed and spin
all parts in metal
high collecting net

Contra: remote control only for on/off
needs time to set up

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