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729 geospin (2)

 729 geospin
by Raptor 18 years ago
Re: 729 geospin
by bes 18 years ago
 Re: 729 geospin
by cole ely 18 years ago
 Re: 729 geospin
by Raptor 18 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: 729 geospin) was posted by bes, on 12/9/2004 12:33:01 PM:
I've played with it both ways. Before it was well broken in and had been glued and speed glued a few times it seemed a bit boring (the red a bit more so than the black). With speed glue it is really nice.
Now that I've glued, reglued, and broken it in, I like it pretty well even without speed glue. FYI both my sheets were the regular (not the tacky). The black is still very tacky, the red is much less tacky, but feels faster.
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