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Loop Drive Tips (2)

 Loop Drive Tips
by Dave 16 years ago
Re: Loop Drive Tips
by Simon 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Loop Drive Tips) was posted by Simon, on 11/16/2004 8:16:42 AM:
First, slow the stroke down... that was one of the best tips anyone ever gave me. "drive" refers to forward movement with the lower body, building the power from there. worry more about the "loop" part to start with. it takes some practice, but your first priority should be to get the ball back on the table, work on increasing speed later. Second think about the physics involved. To reverse backspin, you have to have a more upright stroke (vertical). Without getting too complicated, practice those two techniques, slowing down, and swing up more (while still maintaining minimal contact or brushing the ball, from the backside rather than over the top... see? sorry, it's hard to explain:)

After those become easier then you can work on angle of attack, placement and speed. one thing that i practice with some people at my club is just like you said... short backspin serve, pushed back, then practice that loop. stop repeat. you'll be surpirsed in game play, just how often that sequence will happen. Get good at it and points off your serve will increase.
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