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changing of paddle(HELP) (2)

 changing of paddle(HELP)
by G.J.T.S. 16 years ago
Re: changing of paddle(HELP)
by madmatt 16 years ago
 Re: changing of paddle(HELP)
by khvn 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: changing of paddle(HELP)) was posted by madmatt, on 10/27/2004 8:06:26 AM:
The Korbel Magic Hand might be a little faster, the VSG21-4000 might be a little slower, but both are in the same category. The vsg21-4000 is discontinued this year(at least in Germany, where I live), but you might still be able to obtain it, maybe even at a reduced price. It is an excellent, controlled off to off- blade. The Primorac off- might also be an alternative, even though even a little slower than the VSG21-4000.

Rubbers - depends, whether you're using the x40 or the x45 version (40 has the softer sponge) or even the xf 40/45
(xf, where f stands for formula, has a lot more inherent throw, which makes the rubber react a little like an already speedglued sponge)

Even though they are still a bit different (see below), you should try
Bryce, if you play f45,
Cermet, or Bryce FX if you play xf 45 (you might want to glue the cermet or bryce fx),
Ekrips soft, Sriver EL if you play x40,
Sriver G2, Catapult, or a speedglued Sriver FX/speedglued Ekrips soft if you play xf 40.

Generally speaking, I have the impression, that most of the mentioned butterfly-topsheets are somewhat harder than the sonex-topsheets, and that makes replacing one for the other a little tricky, since you always get a change in playing-characteristics. Thats why I always gave a range of several rubbers. You should really try them and find out what best suits your game.
But Butterfly-sheets are also more durable.

regards madmatt
(i've played the sonex xf40 (unglued), replaced it with a Joola mambo(unglued) and currently play a (much harder!) speedglued Yasaka Mark V on my FH, and on my BH a speedglued Sriver FX)
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