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Kreanga Aeros off+ (2)

 Kreanga Aeros off+
by Kolev 16 years ago
Re: Kreanga Aeros off+
by madmatt 16 years ago
 Re: Kreanga Aeros off+
by Kolev 16 years ago
 Re: Kreanga Aeros off+
by khvn 16 years ago
 Re: Kreanga Aeros off+
by William 16 years ago
 Re: Kreanga Aeros off+
by ewuyeueu 16 years ago
 Re: Kreanga Aeros off+
by Denis 13 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Kreanga Aeros off+) was posted by madmatt, on 10/27/2004 7:26:47 AM:
Even though I have no experience with the Kreanga Aeros in particular, I've seen and played /tried quite some different rubbers and blades combinations over the last few years.

The solution to your problem might be a soft-sponge rubber in 2.0 or even max, of the off- category, and speedglueing it. Since the selection you are using all have a lot of inherent throw. (Try something like Mendo Energy, Sriver FX, Innova Ultralight, Mark V GPS, etc.) With speedglueing slower rubbers, you can change the characteristics gradually right to your needs. And the thicker the sponge, the more spin you can generate. But also the sponge has some dampening -effect in slow and passive game especially with a little harder top sheet like the Sriver FX has (if you haven't glued to much, that is).
Drawback - if you glue more for additional spin and speed, you need to get an angle and give (even slight) spin to any(!) ball, especially in the passive game when pushing and blocking. These strokes then require a little additional wrist-movement, otherwise the ball will just catapult right out of your rubber without much control.
Btw, honing your stroking technique in this direction might also help a little with your current rubber selection, thus controlling their high inherent throw.

regards madmatt

Some facts about me - I'm from Germany, not a regular poster to this forum(actually I just surfed by for the first time today) but I do post regularly at a large german tt-forum at

I play tabletennis for almost 15 years now, with a large gap of 15 years after the first 5. Because of that, I had to relearn quite a bit, and tried to compensate some of it by different material
over the last 10 years (I'm 40 now). I'm a spin-offensive player, that loops a lot ( both on FH and BH), smashes rarely and pushes even less. Currently I play Mark V 2.0 and Sriver FX 2.1 on an 25 year old Stiga offensive Blade, (speedglued with Stiga Carbo glue) occasionally also Stiga Magna 2.0 and Tibhar Rapid Soft 2.0 rubbers. I play lowest of 13 German Leagues. (Due to my long break, I lose a lot to players with an "uglier" but more effective style during competitions. Especially the 60-year-old-short/medium/long-pimple-player type. And, of course - I'm not a natural talent either, I had to work for my still limited skills. Tough luck)
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