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Yasaka V Stage (2)

 Yasaka V Stage
by Slamina 17 years ago
Re: Yasaka V Stage
by Slamina 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Yasaka V Stage) was posted by Slamina, on 1/3/2003 3:30:10 PM:
I have since received the rubber sheet and tried it for one club night. Here are my first impressions. I have not tried any other of the modern "super rubber" sheets so I cannot compare. Upon first seeing the rubber, it resembles oher Yasaka rubbers with a dark, rich red color. I noticed the sponge was significantly softer than that of Mark V M2. V Stage is a very sensitive sheet. If you give it a soft touch, it will react like a soft rubber. As you increase the force of your strikes, V Stage transforms into a hard rubber sheet with even more speed than M2.

Although this sounds like it should offer more control overall, I found myself less consistent with this rubber, as my previous forehand rubber, Mark V M2 has a very hard sponge and exhibits offensive qualities constantly.

Blocking with this rubber resulted in noticably lower-trajectory and faster shots.

I need to become more comfortable with this sheet before I post more about it. Overall, I find it to be a dual natured rubber with good spin and a high limit for speed.
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