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Mega racket (2)

Mega racket
by -`.L SSSS.`- 16 years ago
Re: Mega racket
by Yavor 16 years ago
Re: Mega racket
by sould assassin 16 years ago
Re: Mega racket
by andres lopez 16 years ago
Re: Mega racket
by kalil 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Mega racket) was posted by Yavor, on 7/5/2004 10:13:54 AM:
Dude , thats an almost defensive blade with almost all-out offensive rubbers.In my opinion you couldan't have made a worse choice.The rubbers are ok , if you are an attacker ,although they arent perfect for gluing but the blade...I checked out the butterfly site , just in case to see if im not mistaken and im right.Thats an all- blade.Its used for 70-80 percent defence and just a few other non attacking shots to vary the game.The fact that the blade has much control doesnt mean u will make your every shot right.I dont know what anyone else thinks but for me thats a WRONG decision.U might consider vsg 4000.Its an off- blade with good control and not very fast by that.And how did you come up with these numbers anyway?- i mean the total: percent rating
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