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bryce variants (2)

 bryce variants
by oldtimer 12 years ago
Re: bryce variants
by Fadil Olguner 12 years ago
 Re: bryce variants
by Rafael Rivera 12 years ago
 Re: bryce variants
by B2SpinBomber 12 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: bryce variants) was posted by Fadil Olguner, on 2/18/2008 6:54:24 PM:
Hi,as far as I know,In high tune rubbers speed and spin are increased automatically when compared with normal rubbers.High tune rubbers have less vapour of pressure of VOC in their sponce and totally below the limit of ENEZ.Power sponce rubbers also give power but their sponce do not have long life.And speed is the speed of the rubber we know 8 or 9 or 10 ect. Sorry that's all I know about. I will be happy to hear more
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