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Dr Neubauer&#39s Super Block Vs Andro Clou (2)

Re: Dr Neubauer's Super Block Vs Andro Clou
by Peter lommen 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Dr Neubauer&#39s Super Block Vs Andro Clou) was posted by Peter lommen, on 7/2/2004 9:52:20 AM:
I have played with andro Clou OX/TSP 730 1mm/frame Butterfly OFF-
and Super Block Ox,sriver L 1,3 mm Mazunov frame OFF+

I prefer Andro Clou because its a rubber with more wobble than Super Block. Clou is also easier to play as Super Block. You have to change your strokes with SB. On a fast and hard offensive frame you'll be better of with SB because the rubber is very slow and by blocking with it,it gives you much control and your opponent will have great problems returning the ball. If you are an allround or defensive kind of player I advise Andro Clou because it gives you also more effect. The super block creates with passive playing a kind of anti topspin with highly control.
Other tt-members (defensive type)have also played with SB but prefer Clou.
I wish you success by choosing the right rubber!

Peter Lommen(Netherlands)
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