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Sriver G2 (2)

 Sriver G2
by rob 15 years ago
Re: Sriver G2
by Yavor 15 years ago
 Re: Sriver G2
by cole 15 years ago
 Sriver G2 and Tackiness D
by Suwandy 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Sriver G2) was posted by Yavor, on 5/5/2004 12:43:10 AM:
I cant tell you whether any of the top players will switch to it but i definetely think it will be worth it.I myself play with Bryce fx which uses the same technology(just has slightly better playing characteristics-u can check them out at i can assure it feels like nothing else.The guys in my club (some are in the national team)play with innova ( they have signed a contract) but they liked it so very much that some of them broke their contracts and now play with either bryce or bryce fx.Judging from what ive read bout G2 it should be a mixture of Bryce and Bryce fx so i think it would be out of this world.The only problem may be that if you are an agressive offender and train regularly(3-4 days a week) and you speedglue every time the sponge may tear a bit sooner than any other rubber because its soft.But in my opinion thats a small price to pay.Mine is still intact.To be honest Timo Boll, Petr Korbel, Kim Taek Soo, Oh Sang Eun, Michael Maze, etc must already be lining up in front of the stores to buy one :)
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