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How to choose paddles (2)

 How to choose paddles
by Wayne 14 years ago
Re: How to choose paddles
by alphapong 14 years ago
 Re: How to choose paddles
by Newb 14 years ago
 Re: How to choose paddles
by B3 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: How to choose paddles) was posted by alphapong, on 6/21/2006 2:30:20 PM:
Well, I guess you need to define not to expensive.
that is a good Off- blade with 2.0 Mark V tournament rubber for $71.75. That is about the cheapest you can do on Euro/Jap stuff that is any good. If you want to spend less than that you will want to choose a Chinese setup. Something like 729 Black whirlwind with 2.0 LKT XP would be good. Dont make the most common mistake and buy equipment that is too fast. That will criple your development. You want your initial setup to be ALL to OFF - and no faster. If you can provide more information about you requirements and level and style of play I can give additional input.
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