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Ruber Care (2)

 Ruber Care
by ryxx 14 years ago
Re: Ruber Care
by BACKHAND 14 years ago
 Re: Ruber Care
by alfie 14 years ago
 Re: Ruber Care
by BACKHAND 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Ruber Care) was posted by BACKHAND, on 2/12/2006 6:11:19 AM:
I can't tell you the exact science why sunlight and extreme temps are harmful but they are.
My Golden rules for rubber care.
1. Always clean the rubber after playing.
2. Put it between protective film
3. Always put it away in a bat case.
1. The same as above during play
2. At the end of the session take rubbers off the blade and lay separately.I usually lay them on a new rubber sleeve rubber side down.(for at least an hour)
This will let the solvents evaporate and the rubber will go back to its original state.
3. Clean top sheets and place them sponge down on same sleeve with protective film between them.
The only contact you have with the ball is your rubber so treat it with care and it will perform better.
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