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stopping my head moving (2)

 stopping my head moving
by Tim 14 years ago
Re: stopping my head moving
by Jim Smith 14 years ago
 Re: stopping my head moving
by Tim 14 years ago
 Re: stopping my head moving
by Tony 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: stopping my head moving) was posted by Jim Smith, on 9/11/2005 9:03:14 PM:

I sympathize with your problem. I myself for long struggled with the same issue. In my case the problem was compounded by the fact that my head is very, very big -- I hold 2 M.S. degrees from Yale and one Ph.D. from Harvard.

Now, believe me, the problem has a simple solution! You see, “it’s all in your head” as the source of the problem is your overactive brain. If somehow you can control its activity level then all head movements automatically slow down. In my case I was able to achieve this by taking some ADD (attention deficit disorder) medication that I skimmed of my 12 year old son’s large supply – he will be attending Yale next year (and would already be there if I didn’t use half his ADD supply during the competition season).

I reload on ADD before every single game, at the time I reglue and I adjust my dose depending on the type of opponent. Of course, you’ll have to experiment for yourself… Important note: while regluing, do not inhale as that quickly eliminates the positive effects of the ADD medication.

Jim Smith

PS: I’ve also experimented with other drugs, some not available on the open market if you catch my drift. But they do not achieve much besides make you believe you’re winning while in reality you haven’t scored a point.

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