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discolored j pen cork (2)

 discolored j pen cork
by rhino 14 years ago
Re: discolored j pen cork
by jtc99 14 years ago
 Re: discolored j pen cork
by rhino 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: discolored j pen cork) was posted by jtc99, on 7/2/2005 4:13:30 PM:
Someone told me to use the blade sealer. I did try Tibhar blade sealer on it. The cork getting harder and uncomfortable to hold for weeks, and doesn't seem help much (maybe only a bit).
BTW, I couldn't post my message the other day; the blade which has two blocks is called "Kaiten Grip" or "Double sided". I have two of these, and I don't think they are designed for j-pen RPB, because my regular J-pen (with some backside cork sanded away) performs better. However, the "Kase Grip" is different. It has only one block but leans toward the forehand about 1 cm, said to be specialy designed for j-pen RPB. I've never seen one in action, may be it doesn't work ?
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