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Question to Rod (2)

 Question to Rod
by sajbor 14 years ago
Re: Question to Rod
by Rod 14 years ago
 Re: Question to Rod
by sajbor 14 years ago
 Re: Question to Rod
by cole 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Question to Rod) was posted by Rod, on 6/1/2005 7:01:21 AM:
Sajbor, I've been using Pf4-1 and Tackiness C for about 4months. I think Tackiness is spinnier than the pf4-1 and is also faster, it has better speed glue effect too. I would say though that if you're on a budget and are a chopper with little attack pf4-1 is enough, if you attack more and don't mind spending more money Tackiness C is probbaly 20% better.
I have not yet noticed any loss of spin in my tackiness as has been reported by others....but maybe I dont play as much as others either...
Hope that helps
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