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Long-pips (2)

by Vince 16 years ago
Re: Long-pips
by Cole 16 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: Long-pips) was posted by Cole, on 5/9/2003 6:35:33 PM:
Long pips are sticky on the tip, smooth on the sides. Therefore spin can be applied if the ball is hit lightly, keeping it on the ends. If the ball is hit harder, the ball will bend the pips and it will hit the smooth sides, making it look like heavy spin but really carrying very little spin.

Spin is amplified, of course, when you send lots of spin at the lp side.

As for serves, the pips dont produce as much spin as inverted. They are primarily used for deception.

A general strategy against pips shown to me recently by fransisco mendez is this:

backspin, loop, backspin, loop, etc...

If the spin is heavy backspin, you know it's going to come back with some topspin and vice versa. The trick here is to make the spin so heavy you know it will be reversed (actually continued). This guy was 9X champ of Mexico so I'll trust his philosophy.

Hope that helps.
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