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answer plz (1)

answer plz
by Dave 15 years ago
 Re: answer plz
by geo 15 years ago
 Re: answer plz
by cole 15 years ago

The following message (subject: answer plz) was posted by Dave, on 11/28/2004 12:47:23 PM:
aw aight,first things first,i was reading back and i saw that wd 40 helps revive ur rubber a bit,but after u get it off,does it smell bad?cause i smelt wd 40 before and its not pretty.Also i cant really recall that well but there was a rule abot pips or something in one of the other posts,dont ask me,i dont have a clue wat im talking about,also why did people all of a sudden stop using medium long pips?
answer plz
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