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Great new combo!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1)

Great new combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by SriverSpeed 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Great new combo!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) was posted by SriverSpeed, on 9/9/2004 12:48:13 AM:
Hey i just got a new bat made for me using the one and only sriver 2.1 fh and bh with the new champion blade from butterfly the Zhang Yining.Im loving this its a great allround speed bat and on some levels spin can be easily achived.It is a very heavy bat but has a nice feel too it and is not hard to get used to.I reccomend this to players who are new in the very hard process to find a blade rubber combonation and like to loop and driver at consistent levels of play.This is a attacking combo but defence can be a limted style with this bat.I give my new bat a 8 out of ten.Though this is only my opion.But try it if you want to.
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