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bomb blade (1)

bomb blade
by ken 9 years ago

The following message (subject: bomb blade) was posted by ken, on 4/13/2011 2:53:25 PM:
I just got the bomb blade, broke it in, on the robot, using 1.5 Pluto. The results are good using a precise forehand accuracy test, hitting 100 balls, 10 in a series. The bomb blade was very accurate, comparable to the little know Donic Dima speedster, although faster than the Dima, which I retested at the same time, along with others. I think that the most important thing, on a blade, at least for a pips player, is to not have too low of a throw, due to the straight forward forehand stroke that is needed for pips forehand, and the bomb and Dima are good there. Some blades that I have tested, are just too low throw and will put more balls into the net. Any other Bomb or Dima blade players out there with comments? (both pips and inverted)
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