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Dr. Neubauer A.B.S. Anti not very effective (1)

Dr. Neubauer A.B.S. Anti not very effective
by Bill 9 years ago

The following message (subject: Dr. Neubauer A.B.S. Anti not very effective) was posted by Bill, on 3/3/2010 12:46:53 PM:
I bought this rubber based on a 4-star rating given to this rubber posted in one of the table tennis vendor's web site (not this one) and I now regret it. My sole purpose of buying any Dr. Neubauer rubbers is to help me return difficult and spinny serves. In the past, the Dr. Neubauer long-pip rubbers, now become illegal, served this purpose very well, because it didn't matter what my opponents served, side-spin, top-spin or under-spin serves, all I had to do was to return it with my Dr. Neubauer long-pip rubber and the spin would come back different every time against my opponent. They would caught off guard. When I read the comment in their review: "Balls are more unpredictable, and stay low, with a wobble and gimme the dance of death, causing ones opponent much trouble, and requiring your opponent to have very good footwork to get in position to return the next ball. This amazed and bewildered my opponents. Some ball will have no-spin and the next will be loaded."
I was very excited and naively believed that I could just buy this new rubber and it will do the same for me as my previous Dr. N rubbers. To my chagrin, I found that is rubber is smooth, not long-pip. It is nothing but a dead rubber that you could have made it yourself by placing a piece of cheap OLD Chinese Friendship rubber outside under the SUN for a few weeks. I asked my ping pong partner to serve all different kinds of serves to me and I returned them with this rubber. I asked him if he felt any types of spin on my returned serves. He said none. I thought might be I did not do it right and I tried different ways in returning them - chop, block, long chop, etc. The end results were the same. I had troubles in returning top-spin serve, less troubles in returning under-spin serve, but the opponents were not intimidated by my returns at all because basically all this piece of rubber do is serving as a piece of DEAD rubber, and almost had no effects on the opponents. Therefore, I do not believe it is worth the $ 60+ I paid for it. It shows one should never place too much value on any reviews until one can try any rubbers himself. Unfortunately, this is a pretty expensive lession to me.
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