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Glue (1)

by Nick 9 years ago
 Thinking about using this
by NickAgain 9 years ago

The following message (subject: Glue) was posted by Nick, on 1/7/2010 11:23:43 PM:
I used to have a can of Butterfly Basic Chack. It gave you a nice big 250ml bottle, with a brush applicator. I think it cost $18 when I bought it. It worked very well, and I still had about a half a can left. Unfortunately I seem to have misplace my can.

Now it looks like they don't sell this type of product anymore, and I'm sort of pissed. All I see are these tiny 90 ml glues, for like $25.

I really didn't have a problem with the old glue, and I don't really care about the ban on this type of glues. I'm just looking for something very cheap to replace mine, and I really want something that was like the old glue. I see a lot of speed glue on sale (despite the ban), and that seems to be the same price per ml... but from what I understand the rubbers will not stay glued on for very long.

I found this product:

but I've never heard of the brand. Anyone have any opinions.
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