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All round/All round or Spin/ Anti Spin (1)

All round/All round or Spin/ Anti Spin
by PJJ 16 years ago

The following message (subject: All round/All round or Spin/ Anti Spin) was posted by PJJ, on 7/23/2004 5:47:54 AM:
I used to think, at the top levels of play, that every bat would have a very spinny side and a very anti-spinny side?

Can anyone tell me which, if any of the following is correct?

1) Top players have very different surfaces on each side and continually flip.
2) Top players generally have slightly different surfaces and don't flip.
3) Setups for players just vary even at the top levels

I making a coming back after a decade (trying to work on that stomache) and play at work with whatever bats they have there. I play enough now I'd like to purchase something...I used to enjoy a bat that would get a good I feel maybe I should learn to use a different type of bat and switch to anti spin as needed (If I'm going to win any games at work that is.)

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