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Replacing Carlos Chiu racket. What should I get? (1)

Replacing Carlos Chiu racket. What should I get?
by NickL 10 years ago

The following message (subject: Replacing Carlos Chiu racket. What should I get?) was posted by NickL, on 11/20/2009 8:25:29 AM:
I'm looking into getting a new racket. Price isn't really an issue.

So to get started I am a lefty and I find myself playing mostly backhand. And the only time I ever really use my forehand is for basically smashing. However, I do loop sometimes with my forehand too. I'm still learning new things and trying to get better in all aspects. I've also won the past two tournaments at my college (only 10-15 people showed up). I play about 4-5 days a week with basically my one friend and my brother. It sucks because the closest TT Club is in Columbus Ohio, which is almost a 2 hour drive.

The Carlos Chiu does have pretty good grip to it, but I'm looking for something that offers a bit more. I was looking at the Timo Boll Spirit and using the Tenergy 64 for my backhand and the Tenergy for my forehand.

Any suggestions or different combinations would be great! Thanks
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