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Focus II Power Sponge (1)

Focus II Power Sponge
by Francois 10 years ago
 Re: Focus II Power Sponge
by MANT 10 years ago

The following message (subject: Focus II Power Sponge) was posted by Francois, on 6/16/2009 11:13:54 AM:
I've been playing with FOcus II blue sponge for a while now (if I am correct that would be the power sponge).Has this sheet been discontinued?

I looked it up different places on the web, but can't find it anywhere. I tried a FOcus II with peach/orange sponge, but that was quite different and I did not like it. I also tried a few other 729 sheets, but nothing came close to my good old FOcus II blue sponge. 729-08 is OK, but not as good. Tried some Faster sheets, but thought they were horrible.

Any help appreciated...
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