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Best rubber for spin (1)

Best rubber for spin
by JP 11 years ago
 Re: Best rubber for spin
by keso Going 11 years ago
 Re: Best rubber for spin
by ZoranV 11 years ago

The following message (subject: Best rubber for spin) was posted by JP, on 10/31/2008 8:08:50 PM:
Hello. I would like to know what is THE BEST (as in the world top) rubber which generates the most amount of spin possible...I am an offensive player with a good forehand and backhand and I love looping and chopping. Basically, I am a spin type, and I spin the ball as much as possible, on the serve, and on regular shots. I have seen many different opinions about the best rubber for spin (ex: DHS G666, 729, butterfly tenergy 05)....but since there were so many different opinions, I wanted to try a thread of my here it is...WHAT IT THE BEST BEST BEST RUBBER FOR THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF SPIN POSSIBLE OUT OF ALL OF THE RUBBERS ON THE MARKET RIGHT NOW? (I do not have a budget...right now I am just looking for the best spin rubber out there...and forget about control and speed...I just want to know the best for SPIN).
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