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Putting date on rubber sheets (1)

Putting date on rubber sheets
by Fadil Olguner 11 years ago
 Re: Putting date on rubber sheets
by anti banner 11 years ago

The following message (subject: Putting date on rubber sheets) was posted by Fadil Olguner, on 10/18/2008 12:32:29 PM:
Sharara-Gustavsen-Scholer are trying to find the way to ban TTMaster rubbers.And also it is said that they are going to put expirirary date on pip rubbers.The reason for this ,after playing for example one year the friction on some pip rubbers perhaps be under the friction limit.So they will put a expiriary date on each rubber like a tin of Jam ect and after that date this rubber will automatically banned.So this means that each year we are going to buy a new rubber.In other words more rubber ,more money,more profit.What a nice thing but not for players,just for manifacturers.Of course this is just a rumour but nowadays every rumour is becoming real.And also look at this Sharara-Gustavsen-Scholer how they are spending their time.They are making plans of new bans,ENEZ,friction testing machiness ect.They don!t care that the number of table tennis players are getting less and less each day.Instead of trying to find the way of making table tennis popular,they are busy with all these meaningless things.Putting expirirary date on pip rubbers is just comedy.Thanks
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