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Joo Se Hyuk Paddle For Sale. (1)

Joo Se Hyuk Paddle For Sale.
by Tony Sequeira 12 years ago

The following message (subject: Joo Se Hyuk Paddle For Sale. ) was posted by Tony Sequeira, on 9/28/2007 7:59:46 PM:
Hello All:
I just purchased a Joo Se Hyuk paddle that was assembled at Megaspin. I JUST HIT A FEW BALLS FOR NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES. I found this paddle is a high-end world class paddle and is not for my level of play. I would like to sell it at a discounted price. My total cost for the paddle was 185.00 Cad. Please email:
if interested. I can provide more details. Thank you.
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