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Buying for my 7yr old son (1)

Buying for my 7yr old son
by Dave 15 years ago
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by matty 15 years ago
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by Cur 15 years ago
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by cole 15 years ago
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by loopy 15 years ago

The following message (subject: Buying for my 7yr old son) was posted by Dave, on 5/22/2004 7:37:15 PM:
I am faced with the task of buying a blade and rubbers for my 7 year old. I have no knowlege of table tennis equipment. He is showing promise and is now starting to train with kids 2+ years older. His coach called me aside to advise me that he needs better equipment in order to progress.

My son is quite small. The coach suggested a stiga allround XS (one of the few small-grip blades that I have seen) and rubbers of no more than 1.5mm. he mentioned friendship as an example of a reasonable rubber.

The local shop don't seem to stock friendship. I am a bit lost. How much is it worth spending? Any suggestions and advice appreciated. I must admit that I am a bit baffled about the variety of blades.
And there certainly seems to be a degree of hype here (why would one need kevlar? Isn't texalium just a coloured form of fiberglass cloth with essentially the same old structural properties?)

Why couldn't I just take a nice lightweight blade of unknown origin (75g) that I cleaned up and put some decent alround rubbers on it?


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