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729 higher 3 jap sponge (1)

729 higher 3 jap sponge
by debraj 12 years ago
 Re: 729 higher 3 jap sponge
by ZoranV 12 years ago
 Re: 729 higher 3 jap sponge
by Mike Oxbent 12 years ago
 Re: 729 higher 3 jap sponge
by debraj 12 years ago
 Re: 729 higher 3 jap sponge
by Vinci 12 years ago

The following message (subject: 729 higher 3 jap sponge) was posted by debraj, on 5/2/2007 7:50:00 PM:
Wanted to share my experience with this rubber. I had been struggling with a quite a few 729 rubbers cream MRS, Transcend MRS, goldway stinger, etc. Never quite the feel and balance I was looking for, even with heavy gluing.

But I found a detailed review of 729 higher 3 by lawOCG in one of the forums, and wanted to try out.

Such a welcome surprise. You have some built in tension, not too much though but great feel, great power, great spin, great control.

THis is that nice old mark v feel allowing decent time to steer the ball on it's course, and when it catapults out, it is loaded with spin and speed.

BUt the similarity ends there. Higher topsheet is nice, tacky, and very elastic. My serves are way spinnier than other non-tacky japanese rubbers or tacky, hard sponge chinese rubbers. My opponents couldn't guess spins with the slight hand movement.

I love trying all shots, away from table loops, loopdrives, flat smashes, little bit chopping and blocking.

In few instances the 'over the table' loopdrives went out, but i think that must be beacuse I was used to rubbers with lower throw angle.

All this is without glue. I will play for a while before i start glueing this rubber.

one thing, if you are planning for a tournament, don't try a rubber out of the box. 729 higher 3 took me good 3-4 hours of play before it started behaving.

Awesome rubber!! i don't have slightest idea why the description on the box promotes it for backhand. :0

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